Saturday, July 17, 2010

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Night "SRM GEGAR!!!" UTP 2010

Logistic Department

Business Department

PnP Department

PnS Department

Committee tgh tunggu turn untuk present kat HICOM.

Public Relation Department

AnE Department

AnE Department

Sponsor Department

On 14 Julai 2010, all "SRM Gegar!!!" committees need to attend KPI (Key Performance Index) Night. KPI Night start from 8.30 pm till about 1 am. At that night, all department need to present their plans for the whole "SRM GEGAR!!!" event to the HICOM. They presented the Gant Chart, Budget, Job Allocation etc. KPI night going on smoothly for the whole night. Here are some pictures that PnP manage to take that night.

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