Sunday, July 18, 2010

"SRM GEGAR!!!" 2010 Intro Night

Hicom Session

Hicom2 "GEGAR!!!"

Sponsor Department 

Yang ni, Advisor "GEGAR!!"

Committee pose rmai2.. say cheese...=)

Seronoknye dpt hdiah cbutan brtuah.. =)

Project Manager

ni committee PnP yg uruskn slide..

Bg tmpuan pnuh ye!!

CnP Committee tgh introduce..

6 May 2010... Hari tu Introduction Night untk "SRM GEGAR!!!".. Malam tu adlh ntuk introduce committee2 "GEGAR!!" and breaking the ice between the committee... Malam tu gk committee boleh tahu jobscope & tggungjawab sbgai committee "SRM GEGAR!!!".. Intro Night tu macm first step for "SRM GEGAR!!"...GOod Luck "SRM GEGAR!!! UTP 2010"..=) 

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