SRM Gegar!” is the first big event ever organised by the Sekretariat Rakan Muda of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (SRMUTP). Due to the encouraging success of the previous events by each rakan in SRMUTP, “SRM Gegar!” comes as the best medium that consists of various programmes with various lifestyle that gives more opportunities to students to participate and give their contribution to their own self and the community.

To mark it as one of the biggest event in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, we are planning to make a few significant steps in branding “SRM Gegar!” among UTP students such as logo and mascot designing. In addition, we decided to improve the contents of the programmes to be conducted throughout “SRM Gegar!” based on the previous success of events to widen our reach to UTP community.
The event begins from the 23rd until 30th September 2010.  The programmes are as follow:
§  Martial Art Fest
§  Marsya
§  Nature ‘R’ Us
§  Ocean 2010
§  Hari Komuniti
§  Siswa Benci Dadah
§  Brain Triathlon
§  Bike Frenzy
§  Srm Gegar Exhibition

We hope that this event will succeed and contribute towards enhancing students capabilities in practising and concentrating their efforts on charity, sports, arts, self-defense, nature and innovation programmes.  With the full commitment and cooperation from the participating outside institution, UTP students and staff, and the organizing committees, we believed “SRM Gegar!” will achieve its objectives.